SAVI was established in 1950 and since then operates in the shipbuilding and ship repair, developing its activities in Italy and abroad, with specific reference to the refitting of entire areas of the ship, providing a  “turnkey” product, from the plants to the finishing of furniture.

SAVI is a modern and dynamic company that has been able to change in the years to adapt to the diverse and changing needs of the market and the increasingly challenging demands of our customers.

Since the early hull maintenance activities, such as sandblasting and painting, it moved to the insulation works and flooring, still today services provided by SAVI to its customers.

In the 90s, SAVI has opened a new business unit: stainless steel mainfacturing and the construction of plants and products for the catering areas of the ships,

acquiring the ability to make whole galleys, bar and buffet counters with the formula “turnkey” in compliance with USPHS standards.

Since 2006 SAVI has extended its field of activity to the furnishing for interior and can make public spaces, rooms, cabins, crew areas and open decks.

Starting from the demands and needs of the customer, SAVI can develop all phases of the project, from general arrangement plans, to renderings, to the shop drawings.

Strong of a team of qualified engineers and a highly specialized workshop and an experience built up over half a century of work, SAVI guarantees high quality and a proven timely execution of the work.

SAVI serves prestigious clients who use its services for large works and restyling of the ships

Our logo

The rope: an ancient and contemporary unit, versatile, tough and essential.
The rope is a metaphor for the relationship, like the one that SAVI develops with the customer.
The rope is an element unchanged over time: the relationship with the past, adaptability and teamwork are the characteristics which it recalls and which SAVI makes its own mission.
The rope represents the strength of SAVI, capable of flexibility and modernity in which the customer can rely in complete confidence and developing together with the company a relationship of mutual respect.
The rope inscribed in a circle, like the development of a point equidistant from a center, gives harmony, security, and depicts the strength of SAVI.